Where is my project content located?

As a way of facilitating communications within groups and projects, the AvMet web site maintains documents pertinent to specific programs or projects within the AvMet Client Portal. In order to access this content, you may need a new user name and password.
What is the Client Portal?
The Client Portal is a central location where users belonging to the specific program will be able to access information regarding specific programs/groups. This content can range from meeting minutes, presentations, papers, or any other documents that others within the program can access.
Who can upload to the Client Portal?
AvMet employees have the capability to upload documents to the Client Portal [at the direction of the project sponsor]
Who can access content in my program?
Users are given unique user names and passwords that will only allow them to access programs in which they have been approved to view. Some sections are public and do not require a log-in, while others will require a log-in.
Why do I need to apply for a new user name and password?
The AvMet web site and Client Portal is intended for use by clients to facilitate communications within groups and projects. To facilitate ease of use and to improve security, the new site requires each person accessing the password-protected sections of the web site to have a unique user name and password.  Only one user name is required to access all protected portions ofthe web site to which you have access.
Why did AvMet change its web site?
AvMet created a new corporate web site in order to more efficiently and effectively present current and potential clients and employees with information about the company, and to provide a site to maintain group- and project-specific documentation. The new site is intended to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. AvMet welcomes any feedback regarding the new site.  Please contact the web administrator  with feedback, comments, or concerns.
Who do I contact for questions?
If you have any trouble accessing your information, please contact any AvMet employee. Your information will be submitted to AvMet’s IT department and will be addressed as soon as possible. Or you may send a request to web administrator